Snap in Dentures

Affordable and Simple “Snap in Dentures for Comfort and Stability are Now Available!

snap in dentures      Snap in Dentures allow you to chew all the food you love without pain or discomfort. With our Snap in Dentures, you will again have the confidence to eat, talk, sing  and chew in any social situation. You deserve Snap in Dentures that look like natural teeth. Ordinary dentures leave little room for customization. Men and women, young and old, receive basically the same look. The result is a row of identical looking teeth or a “cookie cutter”    looking denture.

Our Snap in Dentures simulate natural looking teeth. They are customized by using differently shaped teeth for males and females. The patient’s age, sex, personalityand skin tone are taken into consideration. This creates a unique, one of a kind denture for you, using the most advanced denture technology. We personally sculpt each denture, just for you, in our office.

     Professional services are provided by Dr. Robert Sundberg, an Arizona Licensed General Dentist. Dr. Sundberg is a graduate of the Misch International Implant Institute and is a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. He has removed more then 14,00 teeth and placed over 2,000 root form Dental Implants.

The One Thing You Must Know if You Wear Dentures

      Not everyone can have Snap In Dentures, but your loved ones should. As with muscle or any other tissue in the human body, bone tissue needs to be used to maintain its shape and overall health. Muscle tissue is maintained by exercise; bone tissue is maintained by putting stress or load on it. Natural teeth are embedded in the jaw bone and attached via a root structure which, depending on the location and size of the tooth, varies in size, shape and complexity. Activities such as biting and chewing stimulate the root structure, which in turn stimulates the bone that the tooth root is attached to.

     When teeth are missing, the alveolar bone – the portion of the jaw bone that anchors the teeth in the mouth – no longer receives this physical stimulation and starts to resorb, or break down, leaving a space or defect. The breakdown and rebuilding of bone is a natural, ongoing process that maintains normal, healthy bone where it is needed and removes bone where it is not needed. When teeth are lost, the body no longer “needs” this bone, and it subsequently goes away. If you choose to replace a lost tooth with a dental implant or other dental restoration device, you may need a procedure to preserve or rebuild the bone that has been lost.

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